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Why Does Beauty Matter

March 19, 2014

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Why do we bother with brightly colored dresses that sparkle in candlelight?  Why do we wander, open mouthed in awe, through museums and galleries?   Why do we practice drawing, painting, sculpting, cooking, writing, singing, playing, speaking?

We live with these creative outlets for they are a light inside us crying to be free. Beauty matters because we cannot live without it and we are made more than we are by the expression of an inner spark which cannot be denied without causing harm to our own sense of identity.

Oh, don’t misunderstand, we can exist, breathing in and out in silence and drudgery while working away in a grey cubicle, without elegance and loveliness.  But we cannot live brilliantly and passionately without beauty.

Living as more than just the existence of one step in front of the other can be found when we become deeply aware of the sweetness of morning light while offering tender gratitude for dew-frosted buds gently turning toward orange-y rays.

Living with beauty is found while holding a sleeping a baby, inhaling the scent of newness still lingering in his downy hair.

Living beyond existence is created within the curve of her smile, the strength of his grasp, the tears in their eyes as they stand on a day dressed in whiteness, drenched in candlelight, and shimmering with promise.

Why do we need beauty?

To remember who we are supposed to be, created in the image of a God who has strewn the heavens with stars and the depths with creatures who glow in the dark.  Everywhere He is, there is light.

When we long for and love beauty, we can be found willing to seek it out with hearts open to experience the subtlety of palette in Monet or the strong, clear lines of a canyon ripped through the heart of a barren desert. Fundamentally, in loving beauty, we see Him.

We see Light.