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Why I’m Going To Be Jesus For Halloween

October 6, 2014

Every year, without fail, someone writes a long, poignant, and pointed list of reasons why they hate Halloween and why you are EVUL for celebrating this god-forsaken holiday with all it’s culture of death and glorification of witchery stuff.

market graffiti2

Photo Credit: Dillon Stone  www.internationalbror

Frankly, I tend to agree and we, the husband and I, strongly dislike Halloween. The cultural obsession with it is weird.  It really is, no matter what your take on it.  I mean, the candy corn is awesome, but isn’t that all harvest-y and not just grotesque?

I could just end right there all filled with this personal brand of self-awesome and justifiable personal goodness while I listen for angels and beatification.

crosses at garden tomb

The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

If I weren’t so lazy and hated putting links together, I could list for you all the ugly that happens on Halloween. In response, I’m sure you could share all your carefully printed and folded tracts put in brown paper bags with a tiny piece of candy and a small cross, or why you have the freedom to do this Thing and I am a Pharisee for judging you and wanting to deprive your children of the Joy of this Cultural Experience. Then, after arguing our points until we were blue in the face, we’d sit in our corners and pout, each believing the other is somehow deranged and not really hearing our point.

Because, if they really heard us.

They’d agree.

So, instead of that argument, perhaps we could just, briefly, examine what it is I have found myself doing through the years…

Stateside, it was not uncommon for me to turn off the lights and disappear during Halloween. Curtains drawn and porch light off just in case someone’s poor misinformed child came to my house dressed as one of the walking dead and I’d have to explain:

“No, honey, we don’t celebrate this awful pagan ritual you get so much joy from experiencing.”

Because, holy smokes, Batman, that’s awkward.

Jesus didn’t call me to do awkward, right? He called me to perfect moments and soft lighting while angels sing and the Spirit just inundates us in a glow of sparkles and unicorns.


Old City Market – Jerusalem

Except that He did. Call us to awkward faith, sometimes.

Ok, almost all the times.

But, see, I decided NOT to show up for that awkward conversation.

Like. Ever.

So, now, in a world where Halloween is not quite as exciting as it is over on pagan shores like your neighborhood, I am surrounded by folks who would just about lose their black hats in a fit of holy indignation at the thought of doing something like All Hallow’s Eve. Here, on the stones of an ancient holy city, I find myself warring with myself not because of some celebration I don’t agree with, but the mindset that tells me it’s ok to close my door and pretend there aren’t people outside who need light.


Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem Photo Credit: Isaac Stone –


Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem

So, what’s your take?   Do you shut yourself in?  Walk out and about looking like everyone else?   Try to celebrate, but not really?

Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll join me in looking for opportunities to let God’s brilliant and beautiful light shine on one of the darkest nights of the year?

Because, really?

If you don’t know Jesus?

It’s always darkness.






  • Well, let me stand up and meet ya in the middle after a good pout in the corner. 😉 We’ve chosen to shine light and truth – to every crazy day celebrated in this heathen nation. Not just Oct 31 but even the sacred cow of Dec 25 or Bunny Day. I choose what my hope is in. What gives me joy. What inspires me to create food for other and buy gifts and set out my favorite dishes and share pie.

    • Heidi Stone

      Amen, sister. Amen.

  • As a married couple, we’d eat out, then do drive-by prayers across our hunting grounds. Now, as parents, we give out candy and facilitate the cavities in our house. Star Wars and Ninja’s, yes, but there is no celebration of death. There’s also learning/teaching opportunities about those who do celebrate the dark.

    P.S. That’s my twitter account that’s now following you.

    • Hi AJ! Good to see you here! Love your take on how to honor God and His culture of life in the midst of this season.

  • Had a “spiritual path” conversation this week and my heart and soul cried out JESUS, and I was shut down, by a leader, I am assuming, she did not want me to offfend. But we were IN Church, being the church. It is a longer conversation outside of a kindle with 2 fingers in the dark. No matter where we are and what we are doing, can we still cry out JESUS? Especially in a country where we don’t have to be on the lookout for backpacks and crazed car driverz???

  • Heidi Stone

    Ugh… It is so ugly when the urge to be free of offending is greater than that desire to speak life and Jesus to those around us. Be strong, friend, you are being all shiny and I know God sees it too. Only be silent if He tells you to. 🙂 Love your heart! Miss your face.

  • Shelda

    I couldn’t post a pic here so I commented on FB instead! 🙂