Wuss: Defined

July 21, 2008

weakling: a person who is physically weak and ineffectual

Bane called me a wuss…   Which is categorically somewhat true.   Not being a lethal weapon in the lower 48 with my bare hands and a swizzle stick when I perceive that my blogospheric sanctum has been breached and the main character in some of the most personally devastating events of my life save those inflicted upon me as a child is the most likely candidate I have opted to leave the playing field.

But should I stand up? Stay in this forum?  I’m not running away with my tail tucked between my legs, I’m pointedly and emphatically closing a door, in someone’s face. Cyberly.  I’ll be telling the story in which I hope will leave you with a clear and cognisant understanding of why I have chosen a good, old-fashioned “shunning” of this individual and all those who stand with a method of behavior replayed over and over again with only different victims.  Well, all those who know and chose to go along with it.  The innocents and well-intentioned only get my pity for their naivete` and foolishness.   There is hope for them.   Some.

Still, Bane called me “chicken”!   And that makes me growl a bit.  grrr…

  • That’s just Bane being Bane. Some people have different breaking points, that’s all..

  • *grin* He doesn’t offend me. In fact, it shows there is a teensy little soft spot in his black heart for me because he actually commented and poked at me.

    Some people send flowers, some punch you in the arm.

    It’s all good.

  • Yea, but Bane tends to poke you in the eye! LOL