• Umm, not sure who that is?

    And so ya know, I (Erik) have changed my blog to wordpress. Double Minded Man

  • Even though I’ve quit watching Glee – This REALLY cracked me up when I saw it. So when I saw your YES WE CANE picture elsewhere – I almost peed my pants. Well Maybe a little. 🙂

  • AJW308

    She also had a bit part on Boston Legal where she played a very different type of character. She’s very versatile and believable in different roles.

    I watched the first couple of episodes and Glee cracked me up, but then it seemed to lose something.

    There’s a few guys on my hockey team that think it’s the funniest thing on tv. The locker room conversation on an adult hockey team sure is different than one with a bunch of adolescents.

  • Pablo

    I watch it regularly. The cast is wonderful and the music is terrific.

  • farmer Tom

    Frankly, I find nothing amusing about a militant lesbian cat herder.